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My name is Master Adana Jahura and my home is the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. After 2 years of war nothing has changed and we are no closer to peace than at the beginning. May the Force be with us all.
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Tuesday, September 18, 2007



Octavia was known to finish what she started and I was sure she would take extra care that I was finished.

Your precious Obi Wan will be devastated when he sees you.” She smirked once we are finished here. Unfortunately I did not have a chance to take proper care of him.”

And what have I done to you?” I managed to say.

Oh, come on, you can’t be that naïve!” he voice quivered with anger. “ You are the reason why he did not give into me.”

Obi Wan resisted because he is a Jedi and Jedi do not give in to the physical urges of others or even their own if we should feel any.” I listened to my voice as if another person was speaking and I was the audience.

Oh, his body reacted just fine. I saw the sweat forming on his forehead as he made the greatest effort to resist my artfully sensual approaches. He is a fool, all of you are fools. You and your order, your obsolete laws, and outdated views.”

Her face flushed with suppressed emotions but it was only a matter of time when she would unleash her full aggression on me.

I made another attempt to change her mind knowing that my words would fall onto deaf ears. “My death is not going to change anything. We do not give in to revenge and hate.”

You can lecture me as much as you like and I will call you a hypocrite because no one is immune to any emotions no matter how much you deny yourself to a normal life.”

I pity you.” Was all I could say. She was a misguided and lonely being who sought a life of crime to fill the void that would never be close completely.

You pity me?” she fell into shrieking laughter. “Oh my, I can’t believe it. You are about to torn to pieces and this is what you have to say? Don’t you want to beg me to spare you?”

Neither do I fear death nor anything else you might inflict on me.” I spoke from the heart and she knew it judging by the stunned expression on her face. “There is no death, there is only the Force.”

AHHHHHHH!!!!” an animal like sound escaped her mouth as she charged toward me. Her hands tore off what remained of my tunics and her razor sharp nails clawed the skin on my chest and arms. Having had learned through endless hours of training to shut out pain I sat until the storm passed. Although she should have been satisfied with her job she frowned her head tilted to the side.

She walked toward the other side and without seeing I knew from the sounds that she was selecting something heavy constructed from metal. When she came back around her hands clenched a metal staff with round, spiked balls on each end.

And now we see how much you can take.” Her eyes were dark with insanity and her face had lost any human like features.

I moved my head to the side when she swung the staff toward me, avoiding me by mere millimeters. I had to think fast and find a way to break the restraints. Leather expands when it warms up and my hope was that I could stretch the material to at least free one of my hands. I flexed my muscles and moved my hands back and forth while focusing on Octavia as well as she diligently pursued her task.

In her anger and haste she brazed me more than actually doing too much harm. She connected once with my knee and splitting the skin right above the knee cap. I felt the warmth of the blood on my cold skin as it ran down my leg.

Octavia stepped back, lips parted, as if to assess a rare artifact. Partially satisfied a light smile played about her lips. “And now for the finale.” She said cheerfully.

With the staff lifted high she was going to submit the final blow to my head I was suddenly able to free one of my hands. And then I felt two familiar Force signature close: Obi Wan and Anakin…..


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Torture Part 3

I was slowly drowning of that I was certain. Even my attempts to tap into the Force to prolong the inevitable began to fail.

No, I was not afraid of death, as death was only a beginning for another existence. But to leave my friends without ever saying good bye was hardest to accept.

Water invaded my mouth while and iron clad hand compressed making it almost impossible to breathe. Thoughts became impossible to form and my mind began to hallucinate, shaping pictures before my eyes that seemingly came to life.

I felt myself drift to the unconscious when suddenly someone yanked me out of the water by my hair. Blurry eyed and only half aware of where I was a voice reached my ears from far away.

“Thought you could just slip away, eh?” Marusi slapped my face several times. “There is someone who still has unfinished business with you.”

I coughed and spit water in his face, finally clearing my lungs. “You….will….not….kill…me…that…easily.” I croaked.

“Oh no, you won’t be killed but when we are done with you, you wish you were dead.” His eyes burned like dark coals. “Octavia takes great pleasure and care of such things.”

A cold breeze hit my face as Octavia approached the pool. “Let’s get her out of there.” She tapped Marusi’s arm. “There is a place that is perfect for what I have in mind.”

She glared at me, her frigid eyes sinking into mine. “When I am done with you even Obi Wan won’t recognize you.”

I summoned what little strength I possessed. “He does not need….a face…to recognize me. We have the Force.” Why I said such a thing I was not sure but couldn’t take it back now, could I?
“Ha, you and your Force. Magical mumbo jumbo. It’s not going to save you.” Octavia cackled while she and Marusi dragged me across the floor by my arms, my body sliding across the wet, stony ground.

Down the hall and into another dimly lit room. It smelled of death and decay. Fighting back nausea I let them place me on a chair. My hands were cuffed tightly to the armrests and my head secured to the back of the chair. Marusi came to stand in front of me to lay my ankles in shackles, his hands riding up the inside of my legs and thighs, and I took the opportunity to kick him hard.

He toppled over, swearing loudly in his native language at first. Octavia laughed evilly. “Serves you right, you pervert. Don’t you know these Jedi don’t do this sort of thing? They are prudes and repressed.”

“I don’t care.” He grunted while straightening up. “You bitch; you might have inflicted permanent damage here.” He yanked my feet to the side and tightened the restraints. “Octavia make sure she will never kick or walk again.”

“Don’t worry, I know my business.” She waved him out of the chamber. “And now my lovely, let’s begin.”


Friday, July 06, 2007

Torture Part 2

Another wave of cold water hit me and my wet fingers threatened to slip off the steel bar above my head. I had brought my knees up in order to avoid the sharp spikes below calling upon the Force to provide the additional strength I needed. Salty drops splashed into my face and eyes from the pool making it harder to see.

I could hear the door opening and the watery barrage stopped suddenly.

“It’s enough you stupid bitch. I want her alive not half dead. Jedi are not immortal.” Marusi’s shouted at her in annoyance. “Get that thing out of here.”

Octavia obeyed with a grunt and disappeared dragging the hose behind her.

“And now to you, my daaarling.” He cooed with satisfaction to have the upper hand in this game. “We are going to have a little talk.”

I shook the water out of my hair and face to be able to see more clearly. I noticed a shiny object in his hand as he walked toward me his face a grimace of pure joy to see me helpless and at his mercy.

“And now we shall see how the Force really works.” He stretched out his hand and jabbed the object into the side of my neck.

As the liquid swam through my body I had a feeling of floating above ground. TRUTH SERUM!! That bastard. It would be hard to fight against its affects and not to say anything involuntarily The room began to swim and spin around me and I knew that my face was contoured into a silly grin until the muscles of my mouth and cheeks hurt. Marusi’s voice came from a far distance but yet echoed very clearly through my mind.
“If you are a good little girl I might let you get out of there.” He walked around me. “How does it feel to have lost control over you?” he laughed in self satisfaction.

“Not…quite….yet.” I managed to say.

“Oh, you were always a stubborn one.” Marusi stroked my hair as my head lolled from one side to another. “But I think you are ready for me now.” A wolfish grin twisted his mouth.

As coherent thoughts left my mind my body became semi limp, making it harder to hold on to the bar. I gritted my teeth while my hands kept slipping off the smooth metal.

“Would you like some relief?” Marusi leaned over, his face close to mine.


“You just don’t learn, do you?” he cackled. “Let the games begin.”

My jumbled brain only vaguely registered what he was about to do. With a few quick movements he cut into my tunic and stripped it off me leaving only my undergarments in place. The burn marks stung as the salt water penetrated my skin. Not the worst of pains but as I was unable to relief the itch it became most uncomfortable.

Marusi reveled in my discomfort from what I could see of his facial expression. My eyes could no longer focus and rolled slowly into the back of my eye sockets.

“Too bad this body is wasted for the Jedi.” His voice sounded husky. “You could have had it good with me.” A harshness suddenly underplayed the baritone.

Grabbing a handful of hair he jerked back my head. “Where is the treasure of the temple.?” He growled with malice.

“Wha…tre….treashure?” my tongue had the consistency of a bantha steak only less flavorful.

“The money the Jedi stash in there. You can’t tell me that you live from nothing.” My head flew forward when he pushed my face into the water.

Just before I thought my breathing would stop he pulled my pulled my head back up.

“Tell me, NOW.” He shouted.

“No….m…monnneyyy.” I babbled. The ringing in my ears increased.

“I should have known better. You are as useless as Kenobi.” Marusi used his weight to submerge me under water. My fingers let go. And then I felt nothing but stabbing pain as the durasteel spikes penetrated the skin of the bottom of my feet.

Kenobi….The name sounded familiar. I couldn’t remember where I had heard it. All thought vanished while I sank deeper into my wet grave.


Saturday, June 16, 2007

Torture Part 1

When I awoke next my surroundings had changed drastically. Instead of lying on a cod I found my wrists and ankles tied to a wheel. The air smelled musty and water dripped slowly from the ceiling. As my eyes adjusted to the darkened I noticed a strong steel chain that led from the wheel to the other end of the room. The younglings were nowhere to be seen.

The walls were constructed from bricks reinforced by durasteel. There were neither windows nor a visible door which did not mean there wasn’t one. Any attempt to free myself from the restraints failed. I decided to bide my time and wait.

But nothing prepared me for what happened next.

A stream of cold water hit me in the chest as the wheel began to spin. The constant stream pushed me with such force into the back of the wheel that I could feel the spikes penetrated my skin, punctuating the muscles below. The room spun at increasing speed, blood rushing toward my head. Reaching into the Force I tried to slow down the movement in order to focus better but with little success.

The wheel slowed down and came to a halt with me hanging upside down. My eyes fell on a pair of black leather boot with beige trouser legs. Since I was unable to lift my head at all due to a metal band around my neck that held my head in place I could not see my captor. I knew it was not Marusi but one of his companions.

“So we meet at last.” A female voice, laced with venom, said.

I remained silent, waiting for more to come.

“You are probably wondering who I am. Well, let’s say Obi Wan knows me quite intimately.” Her short laugh sounded like a snort.

Her fingers removed some of the water that was running down my face. Her touch felt hot on my cold skin but there was no warmth in her caress.

“I am Octavia.” She waited for me to respond.

“Obi Wan has mentioned you name, yes.” I replied, cautious as to what she might do next.
“”Mentioned, is that all? After what we had?” her voice became louder.

“Yes, mentioned.” I tried to keep from sounding surprised.

“Of course he would toward you.” She turned the wheel and the world turned right side up again. The face that appeared before me was contorted by hatred and the lines in her face bore witness to the life she had been living.

Octavia tilted her head studying me for a moment before a smirk crinkled her thin lips. She must have been once beautiful but all that was left was an empty soul driven by spite.

“You, just like Obi Wan all those years ago, have fallen into the trap we laid out for you.” Again the short laugh. “But he won’t be able to save you and he knows. The younglings were the bait the council and you took so easily. I guess the Jedi aren’t as intelligent as people think.” She reached out behind her to retrieve a metal pole with a glowing tip.

“And now I shall have some fun.” She stepped back and pointed the hot end toward my chest. Searing heat melted away the fabric of my tunic and layers of skin. The smell of burning flesh hit my nostrils and made my eyes water.

Her evil laughter filled the cell as she repeatedly stabbed me leaving patches of burnt skin all across my body and arms. Shutting out the pain completely was impossible and some of what I felt must have shown on my face.

Satisfied with the results Octavia stored away the pole after she cooled the still glowing tip. She walked toward me with a spring in her step and a satisfied grin on her face.

“I have a surprise for you.” She pushed a button. Two claw like metal clamps descended and gripped my shoulders. The restraints around my hands, feet and neck opened before I was lifted into the air. My limps tingled as blood began to flow back into them.

A trap door in the floor opened revealing a pit filled with sharp metal stakes pointing upward. I hung, suspended in the air, above the pit.

“And now the fun begins.” Octavia threw back her head while she let out a loud shriek that echoed through the small space.



Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Rude Awakening

My eyes felt like they had been filled with sand and my head seemed to be filled with saw dust. The last time I felt like that was after a drinking contest with Kenobi and Anakin. I carefully opened first one and then the other eye. Something buzzed in my ear until I realized it came from a generator next to my ear. I closed my eyes again to regain my bearings and finally decided it was time to face the world.

Three pairs of large eyes watched me intently and gentle hands storked my hair. I blinked a few times until I realized that these were the younglings who had been taken. Their faces were full of concern.

"Master Adana?" one of them asked quietly. The atmosphere reminded me of a tomb.

"I am alive." I tried to smile but my face felt like someone had flattened it with a gravsled.

"Don't move." Suddenly the air was filled with chatter which echoed through my head like the the firing of a lazer canon. But then the noise was cut off and the younglings huddled around me.

I heard the creaking of a steel door followed by the tread of heavy boots. "Well, well, well. Look who we have here?" he said mocking me.

"Marusi." I managed to croak. Someone must have stepped on my chest of throat.

"Still the smart one, aren't you?" he stepped closer but the children remained.

"Your sarcasm is wasted on me." My hands were bound behind my back and I moved to be more comfortable.

"YOU are in no position to talk." He let out a low growl followed by a hiss toward the young ones.

"Get out of the way you useless bunch." His hands flew in the air and they moved away a bit. "That's better because you know what happens if you don't obey Uncle Marusi." His words made my skin crawl.

//Bastard// Any other attempt to move was made impossible by the pounding of my head and the various aches of my body. I couldn't prevent from moaning.

"Leave them alone." My voice sounded strange and not like mine.

"I told you to be quiet." he stepped closer and placed his boot on my chest. "This time I am in charge." He leaned down toward me, his dark eyes full of hate. "I have power over YOU this time." He displayed two rows of yellow teeth.

"You assume too much." I said calmly although everything in me just wanted to slam him into the wall. Force only knew what he had done to those children. I turned my head to look at them and although they were frightened I could feel their courage.

//Help is on the way.// I tried to reassure them. Mauris was lucky that I could not rid myself of those restraints.

"Do you know what I could do to you right now?" he whispered in my ear. "But I will wait until Kenobi gets here. I have a special surprise for him." He straightened, evil laughter prouing out of him.

I remained silent which he took a sign of defeat. Good, let him think what he must. A grin curled my lips which I regretted a moment later when the tip of his boot made contact with my cheek. I felt blood tickle down my skin, nothing I could do at the moment.

Taking several deep breaths helped to calm my emotions but he must have seen something I wasn't able to hide.

"I can't wait to tell Octavia." he slapped his hand down on his thigh. "To have both of you will make all of my misery worth while."

"Obi Wan is not going to fall for your trickery." I countered.

"Unlike you, I presume?" His other hand got hold of my hair and he yanked back my head. "I thought you would sense the trap."

"Who said I didn't?"My speach slurred as my face grew numb on the right side.

"Jedi Scum." he shouted and I received another kick.

I tried not to flinch. So this is how they were able to aprehend Obi Wan .

"Noooo." the younglings shouted as one.

"Shut up!!!" Marusi turned toward them but then decided to attack me instead. He pounded his fist against my temple and the room began to spin once more before I drifted away hearing his footsteps fade away. Once again I was surrounded by the 3 younglings.

//Obi Wan, Kriss// My last thoughts were with my long time friend and former Padawan as I gave in to blackness.


Saturday, April 07, 2007


Time was running short and I hoped that Mace would take my suggestions under advice and help me from his end. He was a great Master but sometimes lacked the right imagination. Uhh, that look he gave me earlier. Well, if my mission was supposed to be successful I couldn't look like the obvious. And if my suspicions were correct we were in for a lot more trouble than I thought.

Threading through the traffic lanes was easy this time of day and soon I began my descend to the lower levels. The Orange District would most likely be the best to start since most of the safe houses were situated in this part of town. The daylight grew dimmer until not even a few rays reached the streets. The district looked worse than a couple of years ago and after finding a spot to hide my speeder I began to walk down a narrow ally.

I felt something watching me, lurking in the shadows. There were several gangs in this part of the great city and I was fully aware that my sudden appearance must have attracted at least one of them. I kept moving with purpose to one of the local establishments frequented by bounty hunters, spice smugglers and other underworld members. But no one bothered me and after a few more turns and I reached the door. No sign indicated that there was an establishment behind the heavy, black, durasteel door.

I knocked and after a few seconds a small window was opened by a droid. "Got an ID?" he asked.

"Yup." I pulled out my ID Docs. He scanned them quickly and opeened the door for me.

"Ok, passed." he said while opening the door. The air inside was heavywith smoke, the smell of alcohol, and various other smells I rather not mention here. Many eyes followed me as I walked through the dimly lit room, fully aware that at any time someone could challange me. But the sight of my blasters seemed to keep most of them away. I reached the bar without any trouble and ordered some Corellian schnapps settling on the bar stool. The room returned to its earlier level of loudness and I began to filter out the different conversations.

"Hey, did you hear the latest?" A humanoid said, his hushed voice full excitement.

"What?" the other one, a burley man with long black hair and stubly ching, asked without looking up from his drink.

"Someone is recruiting people and I heard the pay is more than good." he rubbed index finger and thumb together. "Maybe we should go, beats hanging around here all day.

"What kind of job is it?" I could hear his desinterest.

"I am not sure but it's legit." he nudged his companion. "Come on, don't be so lazy."

"It's my business and if I decide to live like this then I shall." He replied with anger growing in his voice. "You are not my wife."

"Calm down." a hand on his friend's shoulder he shook his head. "Just trying to do something different once in a while. Otherwise we'll live here forever. I want a piece of that pie the fat cats up there eat everyday."

"Well, then go, I am staying here." He waved a hand for the other to go.

"I am leaving this for you in case you change your mind." I saw him take out a folded piece of paper which he unfolded and placed on the table. "You find me there."

"Good luck with nothing." His voice was laced with bitterness of one who had given up hope.

The other man stood up and walked away.

I pretended to listen to the ramblings of the guy next to me and with a move of my hand shut him up. He looked at me dazedly, stood up and walked into the men's room. Good I was rid of him and now ambled over to the table the two men had occupied just moments before.

"Mind if I take this?" I stood next to him.

"Yeah." his droopy eyes regarded me for a moment. "Aren't you a bit too nice looking for a bounty hunter?" his interest awoke.

"Nah, it works to my advantage. Keeps things more interesting." I scanned the paper in front of me.

"Fierfek." as soon as I said it I regretted my outburst.

"Eh?" he looked up at me quizzed.

"Sorry, just remembered I am late for an appointment. Thanks again for this." I placed it back on the table, I had all the imformation memorized I needed.

It was too easy to assume that Marusi had anything to do with the kidnapping but on the other hand he had done it before and he was scruplusous enough to try anything. But what was his true motive behind all this if it was indeed him.

With my mind occupied and unfocused I left out of the building and right into the ambush. There was neither time to draw any of my blasters nor my light saber as the net descended onto me.

"I have been waiting for you, my dear." A familiar voice said. Like a youngling, my guard down, I had walked into a set trap.


Saturday, March 24, 2007


(I decided to change to past tense since it seems easier for me to write in this form. Hope you don't mind)

I must have been quiet for a while because I suddenly noticed Mace's gaze lingering in me.

"Something you like to tell me?" he asked, eyebrows raised.

"I feel that something is not right about this kidnapping. Maybe the taking of those two younglings is just a smoke screen for something else."

Mace looked at me with one of his expressions that would every Padawan shrivel to the size of a womp rat. "And what exactly do you mean?"

"These men are merely messengers or better yet pawns in a greater scheme. I suspect that there is someone pulling the strings in the background who carries the real power in this gruesome game."

"Continue." I had his full attention now.

"What if..." I considered my words very carefully. "What if this is just another plot to show the public how Jedi have lost their power to be the guardians of peace in this Galaxy? Most of trhe public already considers us the cause of the war."

Mace inclined his head, fingers steepled together. When he lifted his face his eyes had grown darker than I had ever seen. "You might have a point there. If this is true then we have to use more caution than ever and try to be one step ahead of them." He paused for a moment. "Is there something else?"

"Yes." I wasn't sure how he would take my next comment. "We also should look into the prisoner list they submitted. I know that some of them are hardened criminals but the others might have been the fall guys for those who are making the demands now. Time is short and I would like to leave as soon as possible." Something was gnawing in the back of my mind but I could not put a finger on it. Some distant memory trying to surface.

"I will try my best to look into it and I will notify the council that you are given complete authority to make any decision necessary. One thing I do ask that we receive progress reports from you to keep us informed." He rose indicating that our meeting was over.

"Give me a frequency that can only be received by the temple if it is not too much trouble." I started to walk toward the door. "I will make arrangements for my Padawan and change into something less obvious."

"Meet me in the main hangar when you are ready." Mace bowed slightly.

I stopped at the infirmary to check on my Padawan who seemed to be sleeping more peacefully. Once in my quarters I left a message for Phobia that I would be gone for several days and then dressed. Dressed in an olive green T-Shirt that fit just tight enough, green slacks with a wide utility belt with two blasters attached to it I completed the outfit with a pair of black boots. My hair was hidden under a hat. When Mace saw me entering the bay he held his breath for a moment.

"One could think you are a bounty hunter. Where is your light saber?" He inquired recovering from the initial shock.

"Good this is the look I attempted to achieve. My saber is in a save place no one would suspect." I replied leaving no room for anymore questions.

"Well then. Here is the new frequency. May the Force be with you."

"And with you." I bowed to him and then climbed into my speeder.


Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Message

Long before Mace contacts me I am up. After a good morning workout and refreshing shower I have some time to take care of various reports for the council. Something I always dread. Just before I finish my com chirps and Mace notifies me to meet him in the council room.

Once I enter I can tell by his expression that things have gone from bad to worse. Wordless he hands me his data pad to play the recording of this morning’s message. With growing horror I listened to the monotone male voice resonating through the empty room.

“Ok, Jedi, it is time to get down to business. As you already know we have two of your future protégés. So far we have left them unharmed but every day that goes by without adhering to our demands will mean a step closer to their unavoidable fate. So listen Jedi, this is what we want.” There is a brief pause and the shuffling of feet can be heard in the background.

“I am sure you would not want to imagine the look of pain on their little adorable faces.” Here he laughs sadistically.

“Well, back to business. These are our demands and you better make sure they are met: 3 of our friends, are incarcerated in the city penitentiary. They have been arrested wrongfully and it is time they are freed. Since your judicial system is full of pitfalls we have to take our own measures. You have 2 standard days to have them released. OH, and one more thing. I see the fuzz snoop around and the deal is off.” The transmission ends abruptly.

I turn off the device and when I lift my head I find Mace’s dark eyes on me. A shiver runs down my spine and makes my skin tingle.


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Brain cramp

I am sorry to have not posted in a while but my brain just needs a break. My mother has been in the hospital and it's hard for me because I live so far away. I will continue my story very soon. Thanks for bearing with me.


Saturday, February 17, 2007


Several days have passed and my Padawan is finally on a slow way to recovery. Although she has not spoken she is at last responsive to the treatment and I the possibilities of complete recovery are very likely. I have left a small bouquet of her favorite flowers by her bedside and many cards and little trinkets from her friends. With a last look I leave the Med Ward and proceed to the council chambers, wondering what it is Master Yoda wants from me.

My thoughts have been with my troopers as well. I know that the commanding office is a capable man but still I need to be out there with my men. Unfortunately the council does not seem to share my thoughts and keeps prolonging my return. With slight frustration I knock and enter the council chamber. To my surprise only Master Windu is present instead of the other council members.

"Good for you to come." Mace greets me and it seems he will come straight to the point.

"Good Morning Master Windu." I reply with a slight bow.

"Master Jahura." He gives me a short nod. "I will not beat around the bush with formalities since we have an urgent matter to discuss." He offers me a place in one of the chairs.

I sit down, marveling not for the first time at Coruscant's magnificint skyline. "Go ahead Master Windu."

"Thank you." He regards me with his dark eyes. "Two younglings disappeared on an outing this morning. What should have been a trip to explore the life in one of the lakes turned out to be a nightmare. The Jedi Master who led the group has no recollection as to what happened until she noticed that he had younglings missing." He pauses shaking his head.

"I am sure he tried to look for them?" I wonder who the Master is.

"He did thinking that the younglings had wandered off on their own but all the efforts made did not produce any results." Mace reaches into the folds of his tunic. "This was left on the front steps of the temple." He hands me a small data pad with a sigh.

With horror I listen to the message: "I know you Jedi won't let one of your own die, and I have two of them in my possession. How does that feel, eh? I am sure you are pacing that council floor wondering who I am and what I want." I hear sarcastic laughter in the background and the voices of the two younglings. "Wait for more instructions tomorrow and don't even think of sending a task force to find them little buggers. I have them safe and secure in a Force blocking environment." the message cuts off.

"This is not good at all." I can't help but thinking that the voice sounded somewhat familiar. A female with little education but tenacious enough to committ such an act.

"My thoughts exactly. Here is what I need you to do." Mace takes a deep breath. "I need someone out there looking for those younglings, someone who has a special connection to these children. And I know how they respond to you, Master Adana, when you teach or talk to them. We will give you all the information we have. I know it isn't much but I have a hunch that they are not far from here on Coruscant.

I bow my head for a moment. Master Windu seems under the impression I have the power to do the impossible. "I will help you in any way possible. When do you want me to leave?"

"Once we received the next message, tomorrow morning. I will contact you as soon as we got it." Mace rises. "I know you have a sick Padawan and your troops certainly need their commanding officer back but this has precedence at the moment."

"I am aware of the urgency." I stand up as well. For a short moment Mace's lips curl into a small smile.

"I appreciate your understanding. May the Force be with you."

"And with you also." I leave the chambers more thoughtful than ever. I stop at the mess hall to take some food to my quarters. After a short conversation with Commander Bly who reassures me that things are going well out there I make necessary prepareations for the following day.


Monday, January 29, 2007

Night Thoughts

After Obi Wan had left I remained at Dex's until he closed down late that night.

Now, back in my quarters, sleep won't come and even meditation did nothing to relax me. I sit, my back against the pillow and a cup of hot coco in my hands, in my bed thinking back to my conversation and the sudden illness of my Padawan.

It is not often that Obi Wan confides in anyone, he is too private of a person, has learned over the years to hide his emotions and thoughts quite well. And although we have been friends since early childhood he has remained an inigma of sorts to me. I have watched Anakin grow under his tutelige, noticed the changes he began to go through. He and Obi Wan have become more than just Master and Apprentice, they are brothers.

I too worry about the Jedi who are out there at this moment, trying to save a Galaxy falling apart in senseless fighting. What if we are not able to do what we are sent to do? The face and image of the Jedi have changed already in the public eye. Many see us as a nuisance, a disturbance in their lives, deem us as destroyers not keepers of the peace as it had been for a millenium.

Wrapped in a blanket I walk into the kitchen and back into my bedroom. A cold shiver runs down my spine and I can feel the Force move around me in fast motions, like waves of the ocean.

And what will become of my young Padawan? After our last mission she changed and was befallen by a sudden sickness upon our return. The healers are at the end of their wisdom and even I have not been able to shed any light onto this. Perhaps Master Yoda has some adivice. Tomorrow I will make one more attempt of giving her all of my strengh to fight and live.

Eventually I will have to join my troops again in the field and if she is not well enough will have to stay behind in the temple which worries me. At this moment I miss my former Padawan Kriss with whom I could talk freely about my worries.

Tiredness overcomes and the need to lie down is overwhelming. Although there is still much I have on my mind I lie down and the drowsiness of welcomed sleep carries me away.


Friday, January 26, 2007

A New Beginning

It is a new year and therefore a new beginning for my blog. Iam still the same person but time for change has come and I hope you will look forward to the upcoming adventures and stories.

Thank you everyone for reading and staying with me.